mardi 20 décembre 2011

Amirali - Beautiful World

His debut artist EP "Beautiful World" is to be released on Crosstown Rebels in January 2012.
It is rare that an artist is signed to one of the most established labels out there without a single commercial release but Amirali is a musician at heart, not just a producer. His mysterious and haunting vocals and forward thinking musical style caught the attention of Rebels head honcho Damian Lazarus. Damian promptly signed him for an artist album on due for release Crosstown in 2012, and used his track 'My Way' to open his visionary compilation CD - Get Lost 4. His sound is guaranteed to make your mouth water and your feet tap and his output is a brilliant mish mash of house, techno, funk, electronica, disco and everything in between. Think Depeche Mode jet propelled into the 22nd century whilst being chauffeured by Art Department & Underworld. With debut album 'In Time' now complete and singles all scheduled for release, Amirali is currently developing a live show including vocals, live keys and a visual exploration into his weird and wonderful mind. It wont be long until you'll be seeing and hearing Amirali everywhere…

Enjoy !!

Amirali - Beautiful World (Original Mix) by Amirali Official

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